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Mr. Kelly’s Electronic Policy

1. Calculators are OK at any time.

2. Cell phones / smart watches:

a. May be used as smart devices when permission is given to accomplish a specific class task.  Requires the student to ask permission! (on a case-by-case/day-by-day basis)

b. May NEVER be used during any exam.  If smart devices are seen in your possession during a quiz or test your score is zero.

c. May NOT be used to check, populate, or send social media during class.

d. May be used as a music player ONLY when I release that privilege to the class.

i. Student MUST be working to take advantage of this privilege.

ii. Once a student abuses this privilege they have lost the use of their device until the next calendar month….DON’T ARGUE!!!

3. Laptops / tablets:

a. Same rules as phones.

4. Video games…NEVER!