Everything you need to know to pass Biotechnology

Policies regarding components that make up the students grade

1) District policy: Tests and homework are to be made up within a time period equal to the time missed after an absence has been cleared. (If a test was scheduled for the day you missed you will take it upon returning)

2) A passing grade on tests is required to receive a “C” or better in the class.

i. Students may review failed tests to receive help on areas of non-mastery.

ii. Tests may be corrected for ½ credit on failed material to master the subject matter but must be done before the next test is administered.

iii. A maximum grade of 60% will be awarded on a corrected exam.

3) Labs are based on participation and cannot be made up.

i. At the parent’s request, after an excused absence, one lab per semester may be excused .

ii. Lab data from the student’s lab partners can be used to complete lab with a parent’s note excusing absence.

4) Late work will not be accepted

        I. With Teacher approval work may be accepted for 50% penalty but ONLY before work has been handed back. .

Helpful Hints

Please keep up and do ANY & ALL extra credit!

Turn in incomplete work for partial credit when work is due.

Complete the practice tests by clicking on the text book icon to practice for upcoming tests

Grading Policy:

A. Points are assigned for all work and fall into one of the following categories:

1) Tests / Quizzes – 50%  (40% Test + 10% Quiz / Essay)

2) Class / Home work – 10% (Biotech HW Bonus based on % Completed)

3) Labs – 30% (Biotech 35%)

4) Midterm / Semester final - 10% (Biotech 15% including research project 2nd semester)

B. The grading scale will be based on the following:

Biotech         A = 100 – 90%, B = 89 – 80%, C = 79 – 70%, D = 69 – 60%, F < 59%

Bio/Chem     A = 100 – 90%, B = 89 – 80%, C = 79 – 70%, D = 69 – 55%, F < 54%   

Use the Web tutorials to gain knowledge on concepts not mastered in class

I have read and understand Course Policies, Student Expectations, Notebook, and have located the Lab resources and syllabus.

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