Everything you need to know to pass his classes!

Student Responsibilities:

A. Materials:

Each student is required to bring the following items to class each meeting.

1) Covered textbook (Provided in class)

i. You may check out one to keep at home if desired.

2) 2 pencils & pens. (pencils required for tests pens required on labs)

3) Your science notebook(binder) with paper to be used in class.

4) Lab journal

4) Calculator !!! (everyday)

B. Student Expectations / Daily Routine:

1) When the bell rings you are expected to be in your seats and ready to begin the day’s activities. (Warm-up, Lecture, & Class-Work )

Further explanation of the activities can be found on the class website

2) Students will only use the restroom with the class pass. (school policy)

3) Students will respect the diversity of others and their property!

4) For confidentiality reasons, students are not permitted behind my desk or to use my computer without explicit permission from me.

5) Water from bottles is only thing to be consumed in class.

6) Any sort of plagiarism or cheating whether on class-work or exams will result in a zero on the assignment (not negotiable).

7) Students will be required to pay for any equipment damaged or broken due to NEGLIGENT or UNAUTHORIZED use.

8) Per school policy, cell phones, music players, and computer games will not be used in class without direct authorization from me each class period. (My Policy.)

9) Students are expected to stay awake. Per school policy you will not be permitted to sleep in class.

10) Per school policy no hoods, sunglasses, shirts with drug, alcohol or gang affiliations may be worn in class.